STOP CSG Rally A Success

It is a pleasure to report that the Stop CSG Blue Mountains rally held at Glenbrook Park last Saturday was a great success. With the support of Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Stop CSG Blue Mountains, Transition Blue Mountains, and Katoomba Climate Action Network (along with blue and sunny skies!) it was not only enjoyable but highly productive.

Over the course of a couple of hours the rally drew more than 200 people. And with a line up of excellent speakers, including Green's MLC Jeremy Buckingham, everyone left better informed and ready to act to stop the threat of CSG becoming a reality in the Blue Mountains.

A highlight of the rally was the announcement by Green's BMCC Ward 2 councillor Geordie Williamson that he would put a motion to Council calling for BMCC to oppose Coal Seam Gas activity in the BMCC area. Deputy Mayor Mark Greenhill then stated that such a motion would be supported by himself and other Labor councillors. Such support is most welcome and to be applauded.

While it is true that such a resolution by Council cannot by itself actually stop CSG companies (that power lies with the State Government), it is none the less enormously important because such a resolution sends a powerful message that there is no "social licence" for CSG exploration or production in the Blue Mountains.

As such it is vitally important that we all get behind this motion to council. So let your ward councillors know that you do not want CSG in the Blue Mountains, and that you want them to pass a clear cut resolution opposing CSG. It is particularly important to communicate this to independent and Liberal councillors as they have yet to state which way they will vote.

Contact details for all councillors can be found here.

To see what the final resolution might look like, you can have a look at a similar resolution passed by Gosford City Council on 2nd October 2012.


  1. Council oppose all current coal seam gas exploration and mining practices anywhere in the Gosford Local Government Area because of the unacceptable risks to our water catchments, groundwater, agricultural industries, natural environment and human health.
  2. Council write to the Premier of NSW informing him of Council’s position and seeking a ban on Coal Seam Gas Mining and Exploration in the Central Coast Region.
  3. Council write to the Minister for Resources and Energy, Special Minister of State and Minister for the Central Coast, the Hon. Chris Hartcher, urging him to give notice to Gosford Council if any coal seam gas exploration license is granted or extended, or if permission is intended to be granted for exploratory drilling or drilling, before such permission is granted.
  4. Council write to the Central Coast Local Members of Parliament (State and Federal) and Wyong Shire Council seeking support for Council’s position and refer the matter to the next Central Coast Regional Organisation of Councils meeting.
  5. Council support other Councils in NSW in their opposition to Coal Seam Gas Exploration and Mining.
  6. All coal seam gas extraction and exploration be banned within all water catchment areas on the Central Coast.

Also, if like many others, you really want to ensure that CSG drilling and all its consequent social and environmental problems do not show up in the Blue Mountains, then take action yourself. The Conservation Society's "What you can do!" flyer, available here. This is a great source of ideas and links to resources.

Commentary courtesy of Blue Mountain's Conservation Society

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