Do we want an industrial landscape?

Aerial view of fracking in Texas, USA
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An American, Amy Youngs, recently posted this image online, adding the following comment: "Saw these new human-made landscapes on my flight from Sacramento to Houston. Not farming, not subdivisions, but many miles of of rectangular patches etched out of the earth, some with pools next to them, all with roads to them. I doubt that people see these when driving on major roads - I never have - but they were very visible from a plane. Welcome to your new landscape."

Texas had led the way with modern-day hydraulic fracturing ("fracking"). By 2011 the state had 100,000 gas wells, many of which involved fracking, a water-intensive process. And this at a time of drought conditions!

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New South Wales be warned!

John Fenton Tour

Listen to the Leichhardt talk by clicking on the play button below

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John Fenton Tour

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Stop Coal Seam Gas

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The truth about gas prices

  • "Australia has abundant gas reserves, so why is it so expensive?" Watch the video from ABC 7.30 Report.
  • Read a summary of Clancy Yeates' insightful article from 2015 on how exports of CSG will push up local gas prices. Clancy's predictions have indeed come true!

Narrabri: useful links

  • Visit the CSG Free Northwest website.

CSG in Qld

  • Read Jane Stevenson's account of what she calls her "Trip to Hell" of her journey through the Queensland gas fields.

Science and CSG

Research from
Australia Institute

  • Some useful research has just been published exposing some of the economic myths being promoted by the CSG industry:
  • Read the Fact sheet and Three myths article

Council votes
against CSG

Pilliga Forest Protests

  • Images from the Pilliga forest protests.