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Submission from Stop CSG Blue Mountains on:

  • Stage-two Coal Seam Gas Exclusion Zones
  • Draft Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land Mapping
  • Draft Equine and Viticulture Critical Industry Clusters
  • Draft Amendment to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries) 2013

available here.

Article discussing the risk of CSG to water supplies: click here.

Latest map showing potential CSG exploration in the Blue Mountains, in colour.

Leaflet, with map, covering All Blue Mountains.

Leaflet, with map, covering All Blue Mountains, in colour.

Leaflet, with map, covering Lower Blue Mountains.

Other Useful Material

Read Jane Stevenson's account of what she calls her "Trip to Hell" of her journey through the Queensland gas fields.

Independent Coal Seam Gas Science Forum: info and video.

Information on the Investor State Dispute Settlement Clauses which are in the free trade agreements currently being negotiated.

Abbott set to sign highly secretive TPP agreement this month. Available here.

Abbott: Open For Business - And Multinational Lawsuits: from The Global Mail. Available here.

A Fracking Manifesto: from Illinois USA. Available here.

The Health Factor: Ignored by Business, Overlooked by Government - A most important report by Doctors for the Environment on the health impacts of coal and coal seam gas. Available here.

September 2012. The State Government has recently released the final version of its Strategic Land Use Policy. In spite of earlier guarantees, it does not quarantine any part of the state from exploration or mining applications. The Energy and Resources Minister, Chris Hartcher, said the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) would be lifted immediately and stalled exploration licences have been renewed. See links to articles below on the resultant burst of CSG mining activity.

The NSW government has released its response to the NSW Legislative Council's Inquiry into Coal Seam Gas. The response is available for download, as is the original report, which was handed down earlier this year, in May 2012. There is also a press release which came out at the same time.

Stop Coal Seam Gas

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The truth about gas prices

  • "Australia has abundant gas reserves, so why is it so expensive?" Watch the video from ABC 7.30 Report.
  • Read a summary of Clancy Yeates' insightful article from 2015 on how exports of CSG will push up local gas prices. Clancy's predictions have indeed come true!

Narrabri: useful links

  • Visit the CSG Free Northwest website.

CSG in Qld

  • Read Jane Stevenson's account of what she calls her "Trip to Hell" of her journey through the Queensland gas fields.

Science and CSG

Research from
Australia Institute

  • Some useful research has just been published exposing some of the economic myths being promoted by the CSG industry:
  • Read the Fact sheet and Three myths article

Council votes
against CSG

Pilliga Forest Protests

  • Images from the Pilliga forest protests.