Council strongly opposes CSG activity

BMCC has twice voted to oppose CSG activity in the Blue Mountains. The wording of the two motions is presented below. The second motion sought to ensure that all areas of the Blue Mountains were protected. This was necessary because the first motion had neglected to specify the residential areas of the Blue Mountains.


That Blue Mountains City Council, as a city with a World Heritage National Park, calls on the NSW Government to:

  1. Overturn its recent decision to renew AGL's expired coal seam gas exploration licence over the lower Blue Mountains.
  2. Exempt the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area from coal seam gas exploration and production.
  3. Support wider calls for a moratorium on coal seam gas exploration and mining until there has been further research and community consultation on the risks (particularly on our water catchment and water supplies in NSW)
  4. And that Council notes the resolution number 71 of the recent Local Government Association Conference.

Note to explain the last point - Point 4: Resolution 71 from the Local Government Association asked the Local Government Association to change the legislation to ensure that any new coal seam gas exploration application must be approved by a Council Development Application.


  1. That the Council opposes all current or proposed coal seam gas exploration and mining practices anywhere in the Greater Blue Mountain area, including the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Blue Mountains Local Government Area, because of the unacceptable risks to our water catchments, groundwater, agricultural industries, natural environment and human health;
  2. That the Council write to the Premier of NSW informing him of Council's position and seeking a ban on Coal Seam Gas mining and exploration in the Greater Blue Mountains Area, including the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Blue Mountains Local Government Area;
  3. That the Council write to the Minister for Resources and Energy, urging him to give notice Blue Mountains City Council prior to the determination of any application for coal seam gas exploration or production within the Greater Blue Mountains Area, including the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Blue Mountains Local Government Area;
  4. That the Council write to the relevant State ministers urging them to put in place effective measures - if Coal Seam Gas drilling goes ahead against the Council's and community's wishes - to constantly and independently monitor aquifers and surface water which might be affected by any well, and immediately notify Council and halt all activity if there is any sign of contamination, water course bed collapse, or other adverse impacts on the water system;
  5. That the Council writes to the Penrith and Blue Mountains Local Members of Parliament, State and Federal, seeking support for Council's position;
  6. That the Council supports other Councils in NSW in their opposition to Coal Seam Gas Exploration and Mining;
  7. That the Council writes to the NSW State Government urging it to ban all coal seam gas exploration or extraction within all drinking water catchment areas;
  8. That the Council notes recent scientific research from Southern Cross University at the Tara Gas Field in Southern Queensland has found levels of methane and carbon dioxide three times higher than in neighbouring non-CSG mining areas; and
  9. That the Council notes a report on the Australian Industry Group website entitled Large scale export of East Coast Australia natural gas: Unintended consequences has indicated that Australia's gas exports are forecast to grow from about 2 million tonnes in 2015 to 20 million tonnes in 2018.
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