Large turnout for CSG Motion at Council

Between 80 and 100 people turned up at Blue Mountains City Council on 25th February 2014. After assembling with banners outside the Chambers (see photo below), a large contingent stayed on for the Council meeting where a motion asking the NSW government to permanently ban all CSG and coal mining from all drinking water catchments in NSW was moved by Greens Councillor, Geordie Williamson. The motion received unanimous support from all other councillors with the Mayor Councillor Greenhill, and former Mayor, Councillor Myles, both speaking strongly in favour of the motion. Council also relaxed its usual rules regarding photography in the Chamber (see photo below).

Council Rally
Some of the people assembled for the Council meeting
Greg North at Council Rally
Local bush-poet, Greg North, addresses the rally

Councillor Williamson's motion was:

  1. That the Council - whose constituents rely on water from the Sydney Drinking Water Catchments and other sources - supports positions outlined by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society and Stop Coal Seam Gas Blue Mountains, and so writes to the NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell and the Minister for Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts, seeking the protection of drinking water from coal and coal seam gas mining;
  2. That the letter include requests to:
    • Classify Sydney Drinking Water Catchments as land of strategic importance;
    • Cancel Coal Seam Gas permits covering the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment areas;
    • Wind back coal mining in the Sydney Drinking Water Areas and not approve any new expansion of longwall, open cut or underground coal mining; and
    • Support a ban on any mining in water catchment areas and within two kilometres of rivers and wetlands anywhere in NSW.

Members of Stop CSG Blue Mountains were gratified to hear Council strongly reaffirm its opposition to CSG mining in the Blue Mountains and its firm commitment to extend further protection to the catchment areas, the source of all our drinking water.

Inside the chambers
Listening to the debate inside the Council chambers
Stop Coal Seam Gas

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