Pilliga Forest Protests Underway

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Drill site in Pilliga Forest
Drill site in Pilliga Forestt
Base of drill rig Pilliga Forest
Base of drill rig in Pilliga Forest
Drill rig in Pilliga Forest
Drill rig in Pilliga Forest
John Fenton visiting
John Fenton visiting Pilliga Forest
Protesters at the Pilliga Forest
Protest campsite at the Pilliga Forest

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Pilliga Forest
Lock the Gate activists at Pilliga Forest
Pilliga Forest
Part of the protest at Pilliga Forest
Pilliga Forest
The message at Pilliga Forest
Stop Coal Seam Gas


The truth about gas prices

  • Read a summary of Clancy Yeates' insightful article on how exports of CSG will push up local gas prices. Or, read the full-article, published by Fairfax on 19 January 2015.

Transpacific Partnership Agreement

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CSG in Qld

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Science and CSG

New research from
Australia Institute

  • Some useful research has just been published exposing some of the economic myths being promoted by the CSG industry:
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Council votes
against CSG

Pilliga Forest Protests

  • Images from the Pilliga forest protests currently underway.

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