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Since the devastating news of the Project's approval, the various anti-gas campaign groups have banded together even more strongly than before and are planning ways to stop it. Our aim is to force Santos to abandon the project and here's how you can help.

1. Stop investment and support for Santos:
  • EnergyAustralia owns 20% of the Narrabri Gas Project. If they are your electricity provider please go to Switch for Narrabri, change your provider and let them know why. Regardless of who your retailer is, switching will help kick-start renewables around Narrabri as Enova will contribute $50 from every new sign up to local renewables not-for-profit Geni.Energy.
  • Does your super fund invest in Santos? Visit this page to find out. If they do, you can object via Market Forces. Support their other campaigns against:
    1. providers of finance and insurance for fossil fuel companies;
    2. government subsidies and handouts for the fossil fuel industry.
  • Sign the Tour Down Under #breakawayfromgas by 2023 petition (Break Away from Gas). Santos are naming rights sponsors of this international cycling event held each year in Adelaide.
2. Stop the Federal Government's gas led recovery: 3. Lobby NSW Government MPs (especially Nationals MPs) to:
  • Support a bill to be introduced by NSW Independent, Justin Field, to extinguish the 12 expired Petroleum (gas) Exploration Licences (PELs) which cover more than 55,000 km2 between the Upper Hunter and the Queensland border. Narrabri is situated in the middle of these licences, some of which are over prime agricultural land. Due to the cost of infrastructure, it is unlikely the Narrabri Gas Project will go ahead unless it can expand into these areas.
4. Travel to the Pilliga
  • More tourists are visiting the Pilliga forest due to covid and the publicity surrounding Narrabri Gas. A booklet and website are being developed to show where to go and what to look for. Travelling in the area and taking photographs increases security costs for Santos. Pilliga Protectors will be watching closely to ensure Santos complies with all the conditions of their approval. See this great article from The Guardian for some ideas for your trip: A 2,000km road trip through north-west NSW
5. Attend events:
  • Support community campaigns and actions in your area
  • Standby for blockades in the Pilliga Forest and along the pipeline route
More information:

The IPC's 134 conditions of approval are a huge hurdle for Santos. Some, including the disposal of salt waste, have to be solved before Phase 1 of the project can start.

  • Phase 1 - Drilling up to 25 wells for ongoing appraisal will enable the company to make a final investment decision
  • Phase 2 - Construction of production wells and related infrastructure can only commence when a pipeline is approved linking the project to the domestic gas network
  • Phase 3 - Gas production can only begin when a pipeline is commissioned

Two pipeline routes for the project have not been surveyed. Local opposition made this very difficult in the past.

IPC Decision

The Narrabri Gas Project has been granted approval by the Independent Planning Commission (IPC). It was almost inconceivable that this could happen after the compelling arguments against the project made at the hearing and in submissions. Over 10,000 submissions were received and the vast majority opposed the project. Yet approval was given and at a time of climate and extinction crisis. The government got its way when evidence overwhelmingly signalled that this project definitely should not proceed.

Given the huge opposition to the project and in the knowledge that Narrabri would be first cab off the rank in the federal government's gas-led recovery, this will not be the end of the issue. Opposition in future will take different forms. Georgina Woods of Lock the Gate discusses the outcome and current and future ways in which we can oppose this disastrous project.

Information from Georgina Woods from Lock the Gate

The Independent Planning Commission has today granted conditional development approval to Santos' Narrabri coal seam gas project in the Pilliga forest.

This is a devastating blow to people all over the North West and across NSW. Science, law, overwhelming public objection and severe environmental risks were not sufficient reasons for the Commission to stand with the community and our future generations and stop this gasfield.

We were up against it. There's been huge political pressure in the last month in favour of gas. Powerful vested interests have the ear of the Government.

But we've all been fighting coal seam gas in north west NSW since before this Government came to power. We're not giving up now.

Today, we invite you to share your feelings of betrayal, anger and outrage at this terrible decision...

  • Call the Premier and Ministers now and tell them how you feel.
  • Post on social media and share our post here.
  • Donate to the Narrabri Fightback Fund to support communities as they take on Santos
  • in the courts and the boardrooms and along the pipeline route*
  • Write a short letter to the Sydney Morning Herald and the local paper.


Let's make sure the political and corporate elites responsible for this decision see our unwavering opposition to this project.

The work together to stop this gasfield continues.

Approval from the State Government is only one thing Santos needs to proceed. They now have 134 conditions to meet.

They also need funding from banks and investors. They need a decision by their board to proceed. They need a pipeline to take their gas to market. They need insurance.

Your valiant efforts delayed this gasfield by many years. Together, we can still take action to stop it.

Stopping financial investment in this gasfield starts today with our backlash. Make sure they see how strongly the community rejects this decision and our determination to stop this damaging project from destroying the Pilliga forest and threatening the groundwater of north west NSW.

Thank you for all the work you've done already. It will now be crucial to our shared campaign to stop Santos ever securing funding for this gasfield.

Climate Change Protest Action


Stop CSG Blue Mountains members took part in the "Fund Our Future, Not Gas” action at Katoomba. The action was part of a nation-wide protest organised by School Strike 4 Climate on 25th September to oppose the Government's promotion of a gas-led recovery from Covid-19.

Stop Coal Seam Gas

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  • Read a summary of Clancy Yeates' insightful article from 2015 on how exports of CSG will push up local gas prices. Clancy's predictions have indeed come true!

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