The Radioactive Truth about CSG - Part 1. This video describes how radioactive materials are brought to the surface in CSG operations and can be discharged into river systems. Watch now.

Risky Business, a new video exploring CSG in Australia. A YouTube video from AlJazeera. Watch now.

Coal Seam Gas in Northern Rivers/ NSW and QLD. A YouTube video providing a good overview of the CSG situation in Australia. Watch now.

"No ifs, no buts. A guarantee." The real threat to Sydney's drinking water. Video courtesy of Stop CSG Illawarra.

Bimblebox - the movie. Watch now. Bimblebox tells the stories of the people fighting coal and coal seam gas expansion.

Jeremy Buckingham's Frack Finding Tour of the United States. A YouTube video. Watch now.

Audio Slide Show: The Fracking of Rachel Carson. Watch now.

Stop Coal Seam Gas


The truth about gas prices

  • Read a summary of Clancy Yeates' insightful article on how exports of CSG will push up local gas prices. Or, read the full-article, published by Fairfax on 19 January 2015.

Transpacific Partnership Agreement

  • Secret agreement imperils community's ability to control CSG and mining. Find out more
  • Latest leaks

CSG in Qld

  • Read Jane Stevenson's account of what she calls her "Trip to Hell" of her journey through the Queensland gas fields.

Science and CSG

New research from
Australia Institute

  • Some useful research has just been published exposing some of the economic myths being promoted by the CSG industry:
  • Read the Fact sheet and Three myths article

Council votes
against CSG

Pilliga Forest Protests

  • Images from the Pilliga forest protests currently underway.

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